Corey Stewart gives away AR-15 rifle, raises $10,000

Corey Stewart is running for the republican nomination for governor of Virginia, and he found a unique way to get some publicity and attention - by giving away an AR-15.

Stewart made headlines when he said he would be giving away the AR-15, but on Tuesday he awarded it to Rick Thompson.

Stewart says that the raffle isn't about 2nd amendment rights, but it is a stunt to call attention. "It is a stunt. It's a stunt meant to call attention to the need for constitutional carry in the commonwealth of Virginia. It's also a stunt to demonstrate that our second amendment rights don't make us less safe, they make us safer, and we need to expand on those rights in the commonwealth," Stewart told Fox 5's Ronica Cleary.

There is a politician in Maryland doing something very similar, an AR-15 raffle, and that politician is state senator Michael Hough.

"I think it's very important that a leader, someone who wants to be governor, leads. and you don't necessarily look at the polls to find out where everybody is. You have to demonstrate that we need constitutional carry in the commonwealth of Virginia. I'm going to be pushing for it. and when people hear it, at first, they're going to be like - what's that? And then they're going to hear about it and i hope to lead on the 2nd amendment issue, not follow behind polls," Stewart explained.

According to the campaign, they have so far raised $10,000 thanks to the AR-15 giveaway.