Controversial Spotsylvania superintendent candidate certified by Virginia Board of Ed

After recent chaos and dysfunction at Spotsylvania County School Board meetings, the sheriff’s office has alerted the board they will no longer provide security at meetings.

It comes as a controversial superintendent candidate gets closer to taking on the job, with the Virginia Board of Education voting Thursday to grant a superintendent’s license to Mark Taylor.

On Monday, anger disrupted at a Spotsylvania County School Board meeting over Taylor‘s hiring. The board chair ordered deputies to remove several people from the meeting.

In a letter sent by Spotsylvania County Sheriff Roger Harris, dated Wednesday, he tells board members he’s decided to stop proving security as of Oct. 14.

"…our deputies on numerous occasions have been put in a position to side with one or more (board) members, regarding ‘disruptive’ citizens," the letter reads.

Harris goes on to say that will not preclude deputies from responding to emergency situations.

Mark Taylor

FOX 5 reached out to board chair Kirk Twigg asking who will provide security at the meetings, but got no response Thursday.

Twigg and other conservative board members now have a narrow majority on the board. In January, the prior superintendent was abruptly fired and board members decided to move forward hiring Taylor, the former Spotsylvania County administrator and county attorney.

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Some community members attended the Virginia Board of Education meeting in Richmond to speak for and against the board granting him a license.

Some are concerned he doesn’t have a background in education and didn’t send his children to public school.

Taylor is also a friend of school board chair Kirk Twigg and a director of Twigg's nonprofit.

At the state board meeting, some board members brought up citizens’ concerns, including Facebook posts allegedly made by Taylor.

Board member Anne Holton said she had severe concerns over posts she called "racially offensive and offensive on all kinds of scores."

Ultimately, the board voted 6-2 to give Taylor a license.

In a brief statement to FOX 5 Taylor said:

"I am very proud of having been certified for licensure as a division superintendent by the Virginia BOE."