Tensions flare at Spotsylvania County School Board meeting over superintendent candidate

Anger erupted at a Spotsylvania County School Board meeting with divisions on the board and community on full display Monday.

Community members voiced continued concerns about the board’s choice for superintendent, Mark Taylor.

Taylor is the former Spotsylvania County administrator and county attorney and some are concerned he doesn’t have a background in education.

Taylor is also a friend of School Board Chair Kirk Twigg and a director of Twigg's nonprofit.

Conservative members of the board have the majority now and the prior superintendent was abruptly fired in January.

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One woman at the meeting, Dawn Napper, said she left the county because of controversies on the board.

"I left Spotsylvania County this year and moved to Prince William County schools because the four on the board are literally working to destroy our school system," Napper said. "Mark Taylor has no experience. His children didn’t even go to public school."

During public comment, people shared similar concerns, but there were also those who voiced support for Taylor.

"My thing is has anyone whose been talking negatively actually met Mark Taylor?" asked a student who spoke during public comment. "Give Mark Taylor a fair shot. We haven’t even seen him in action."

Conservative board members voted to limit public comment at the start of the meeting, so there was confusion over who was allowed to speak and on what topics. Twigg had two speakers kicked out of the meeting, including Napper. 

The Virginia Board of Education still needs to decide whether it will grant Taylor a superintendent’s license. That decision is set for Thursday.