Concern that missing teens may be linked to gangs in Fairfax County

Three Fairfax County teenagers -- within driving distance -- all went missing just days apart. Now, members of the community are concerned their disappearances may be gang-related.

Police say Abigail Jorge-Aguilar, 19, was last seen in a Vienna neighborhood last Friday.

A neighbor told FOX 5 off camera that she understands concerns that her disappearance could be gang-related. The missing girl's boyfriend and friends have reportedly been looking for her.

Last Wednesday, 16-year-old Julieth Ford Ortega went missing from the Hybla Valley area in Fairfax County.

Meanwhile, 16-year-old Richard Cruz was last seen on April 22 in an Alexandria neighborhood in Fairfax County.

Police are refusing to make any connections between the missing teens, nor will they say if their disappearances are gang-related, despite what many are suspecting on social media.

Police have said a body found in North Hill Park last Thursday is related to gang violence and are classifying the death as a homicide.

It remains at the Chief Medical Examiner's office and investigators are working to identify the body and determine cause and manner of death.