Concepts for future of RFK Stadium site revealed

The future of the RFK stadium was the subject of a big meeting at the convention center on Monday night. The group 'Events D.C.' put several options to the table on what to do with the prime piece of real estate.

Hundreds of people joined the meeting to see what ideas people are putting forward and it's not your traditional stadium. Some of the proposals are for an MFL stadium, or a 20,000 seat arena, perhaps an amphitheater, recreational spaces or ever shopping, dining options.

Events D.C. says it is their goal to make sure the project speaks to a greater international audience and the local D.C. community.

We're excited to get something done in the two to five years around sports, family, entertainment and a market so people can shop for fresh produce-we want to link with pedestrian bridges... so it's a place for all of Washington D.C.," explained Max Brow, Events, D.C. board chairman.

Brow says that they have met with the community three times for input and they will circle back around in three months to talk about the presentations and the financial challenges.