College education experts don’t expect distance learning to become a trend

Colleges across the board have officially begun their distance learning.
The spread of COVID-19 has forced colleges and universities to reimburse parents and students for forcing students away from their dorms and meal halls. But Jordan Kanarek from CollegeWise says don’t expect this to be a trend.

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He says parents and students understand that a major part of college is the experience of that first time away from home.
He expects parents and students to continue to pay for that once in a lifetime opportunity.
Kanarek also says students should also focus on their collegiate goals.

Universities are beginning to push back their deadlines for registering for the upcoming fall semester. 
Kanarek says each university has different needs and each student should act accordingly. 
“The most selective schools in the nation, your UC Berkeley’s your Stanford, they’re going to get their class regardless of the financial crisis,” says Kanarek. “So they don’t need to move. It’s the less selective schools that are in that position which is why many of them are pushing to that June 1st in hopes of getting the yield of the number that they want.”
He says the best thing to do is to get it out of the way and register if you are financially able to do so.

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