Capitol bomb threat suspect posted several Facebook videos prior to incident

The suspect who was taken into custody after making a bomb threat on Capitol Hill Thursday morning made several videos leading up to and during the incident. 

Capitol Police say 49-year-old Floyd Roseberry parked his truck right in front of the Library of Congress around 9 a.m. 

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It caused the building to be evacuated, along with the Supreme Court, congressional offices and homes on Capitol Hill.

Police say Roseberry said he had a bomb and appeared to have a detonator in his hand.

Leading up to this, Roseberry posted live videos on Facebook where he ranted about Democrats and President Joe Biden.

"I have no fear. The crackling in my voice is the passion I feel for the land I love. The f***ing revolution starts today Joe Biden," he said in one video.

He followed that up telling the president he better get his military experts out and talked about having a seven-pound keg of gunpowder and tannerite explosives.

He then added that he was "one of five," making it seem there were others who were in on this with him.

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Law enforcement took it seriously and negotiated with Roseberry for five hours. 

FOX 5 obtained some video of the moments when Roseberry surrendered after the standoff. That was around 2 p.m.

Police say they have no indications he was actually working with accomplices.

Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger spoke at the scene this afternoon, but a specific motive hasn’t been released at this time. 

"We do know Mr. Roseberry, he’s had losses," Chief Manger said. "I believe mom passed away and we spoke with other members of his family and there were other issues that he was dealing with. There will be more on that at another time." 

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FOX 5 also got video tonight of police surrounding Roseberry’s home in Grover, NC. 

Officials say Roseberry doesn’t have much of a criminal history.

Facebook took down his page, but he reportedly had a video of himself in DC in November at a ‘Stop the Steal’ Trump rally.

FOX 5’s Lindsay Watts spoke to his wife by phone. She didn’t not want to comment. We expect to learn more about the charges Roseberry facing on Friday.