Call Your Mother workers jumped, robbed while loading vans for overnight deliveries

A popular D.C. area deli and bagel shop said its overnight team was attacked while loading vans for overnight deliveries.

Call Your Mother deli said the attack happened Tuesday night.

"Our overnight team (who are the best!), we're jumped and robbed last night while loading the vans to disperse cream cheese and toppings to all the stores," the store posted on social media Wednesday. "They are ok, but shaken up."

The D.C.-based store has a dozen locations in the District, Maryland, and Virginia. They also have a location in Colorado. It is unclear where the attack happened.

D.C. police said around 3:45 a.m., suspects approached the employees, and one of them put a gun to a worker's face and shouted, "Don't move and keep your head down."

That's when police believe the other suspect started searching the victims' pockets. 

The thieves asked one of the victims for their money, and when he told them he didn't have any, they started beating him. Police said the suspects took off with the bagel shop employees' phones, and wallets filled with cash and IDs.

Parts of the robbery were caught on surveillance video. 

The attack prompted the store to delay opening times at its McLean, Georgetown, West End, and Bethesda locations. Its P Street location opened 30 minutes late.

There is now a reward of up to $10,000 being offered to anyone who can help police identify the suspects responsible for the crime.