Brawl breaks out at football game at DC high school; 1 teen arrested

A teenager was arrested after a brawl broke out at a D.C. high school football game Friday night and spilled out onto the streets.

Fights broke out at Eastern High School during its game against Ballou High School. The football game was called off before it ended due to several fights that erupted in the bleachers.

It continued out of the stadium and down the block at the Stadium-Armory Metro station nearby RFK Stadium where police were able to calm the violent crowd.

The teenager who was taken into custody reportedly had a BB gun.

An officer told FOX 5 that police spotted a young person with the gun in the area. When they started to pursue that person, he was able to get rid of the gun.

We are told this massive fight during the game was likely a coordinated effort and started when young people arrived, but were unable to get into the game.

"We saw from a distance the officers and the kids were fighting," said a person who was driving through the area. "Several other fights were going on around in different areas.

"But I also heard that this is not only the first fight, it was the second fight today. They fought twice. One was at 3 o'clock and then I guess they met out here. It was just a bunch of high school kids. There were fights everywhere."