Black man arrested by Montgomery County police after taking drunk neighbor home

A confrontation between Montgomery County Police and a Silver Spring man posted on YouTube has since gone viral.

Witnesses say 23-year-old Samir Ahmed, who is African-American, was arrested after helping his drunk neighbor home. Neighbors say they believe the Good Samaritan was racially profiled, but police paint a different picture.

On Nov. 17, Ahmed says he was helping get a drunk neighbor home when he was stopped by police who were responding to a call about an intoxicated man, who was reportedly unconscious on the ground.

Ahmed and his neighbors believe race played a factor as he was questioned by police, and ultimately arrested.

Neighbors recorded the incident, which Ahmed uploaded on YouTube. The video has nearly 50,000 views, and is getting attention from the media and even celebrities.

Ahmed declined to comment to FOX 5, but maintains his innocence.

Police say this video shows that he became violent with one of their officers and refused to answer questions.

Court documents say an officer then "detected a strong odor of marijuana emanating" from Ahmed, who denied possessing the drug and resisted arrest. Video captured by neighbors shows four officers then searched Ahmed. Police say they found a small bag of marijuana.

He's been charged with resisting arrest among other charges.

Actor and comedian D.L. Hughley shared the video showing Ahmed's arrest on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, which have more than a million and a half followers combined.

The Montgomery County Police Department says it's reviewing the circumstances surrounding the arrest to determine if any department policies, procedures or laws were violated during the incident.

The assessment will include a review of the responding officers' body worn camera footage. However, police say they are not releasing the body-worn camera footage, saying it's evidence in the upcoming criminal case.

Ahmed, who has a prior drug arrest, has been charged with disorderly conduct and a civil violation for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of marijuana.

He's scheduled to appear in court Jan. 7.