Bird reunited with owners after 49-day odyssey

Klaus the Parrot was reunited with his family June 9 after a month-and-a-half-long sabbatical. 

Klaus went missing from his owners’ home in Baltimore City in April, only to be discovered in Arlington, Virginia nearly two months later. The bird traveled over 40 miles during his 49-day disappearance. 

The bird escaped April 20 while one of his owners was doing yard work with the door open. The owners began their frantic search almost immediately, putting up over 50 posters and inquiring all over social media regarding Klaus’s whereabouts.

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After a few weeks, Klaus’s owners, Kat Potts and Roberto Mas, began to lose hope that they would ever find their beloved conure. 

"It was kind of hard to imagine he was still alive," Mas said

Miraculously, Klaus turned up in Arlington, Virginia in early June, where he landed on a stranger’s shoulder. Klaus’s new perch promptly called animal control, and rescuers showed up to take Klaus into custody. Klaus’s image started to circulate around social media, where it eventually made its way back to his owners. 

"I still can’t believe it," Potts said after finding her long-lost pet.

Klaus wasted no time reuniting with his parents, flying right up to his owner’s shoulder. 

"He was real excited to see us," Potts said. "He’s been letting me hold him and kiss him, and it’s been really incredible."