One-eyed opossum makes new home at National Zoo

The National Zoo welcomed a one-eyed Virginia Opossum from a local wildlife rehabilitation center earlier this summer.

Basil lost his eye when a predator attacked him, said Mimi Nowlin, an animal keeper for the Small Mammal House at the zoo. 

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Nowlin said that Basil was unlikely to survive in the wild with his limited eyesight. The rehabilitation center recommended he reside at the Zoo to be an "ambassador for his species."

"We’re excited to provide him with a new lease on life and give guests an opportunity to learn about his species!" Nowlin said.

Virginia opossums are not endangered, but Nowlin said protecting a non-threatened species will prevent endangerment in the future.

Basil is adjusting to his new home, said Nowlin. He enjoys cuddling with his fleece blankets and playing in his foraging bins.


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