Baltimore businesses trying to rebound after profits take hit from curfew

The citywide curfew in Baltimore has hit businesses hard and now they are trying to rebound in order to get those lost profits back.

It has been a week since chaos forced businesses at the beginning of the tourism season to close early, but now they are coming back, but doing it slowly.

Many business owners told us profits were at an all-time low during the past week. Some frustrated owners were so concerned about their loss of profits so much that they even considered getting together and suing the city. But it appears their insurance companies will pay for some of the financial loss.

Still, there is a concern that the bounceback won't come soon enough as tourism season kicks off.

"There was a lot of money lost, especially with the big super fight last Saturday," said Jimmy Filipidis, owner of Jimmy's Restaurant. "There was a general business slowdown. Everywhere, people were scared to come out. They were nervous and they didn't know what to expect."

Some businesses say they will consider running commercials in D.C. to get people up here and think the extra cost and gamble may be worth going for.