Arlington to ask Virginia lawmakers for permission to add speed cameras throughout the county

Soon you may really have to watch your speed when driving in Arlington – or at least you will if local leaders get their way.

The Arlington Board now plans to ask state lawmakers for permission to add speed cameras throughout the county. Right now – because of just-approved legislation – the cameras are only allowed in school and work zones, but officials want that to change. There are a few reasons why, including safety and equity.

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"Sometimes in some places police might have some bias that they may even be unaware of and suddenly you find it’s mostly people of color that get pulled over for speeding," Board Chair Libby Garvey explained Thursday. "This takes all the subjectivity out of it."

But the request is no sure thing. First off, the state legislature may not approve it, and there is opposition to the cameras too. For instance, a spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic said the real reason Arlington wants the cameras is money.

Among people who spoke with FOX 5 Thursday in Arlington, reaction was mixed.

"People don’t need the fear of speed cameras to know how to drive safely," Colin Raunig said.

"I think it’s a good idea, especially this road," countered a woman standing near Clarendon Blvd. "Sometimes they go too fast."

Arlington officials also plan to ask state lawmakers for the ability to lower some speed limits as well.