Alexandria Fire Department issues warning after paint spill contaminates waterways

The Alexandria Fire Department has issued a warning after a reported paint spill contaminated the waterways in the area of Monticello Park off Old Dominion Blvd.

Officials say on Saturday morning, the fire department received a report of an unknown, white-cloudy substance in the waterways visible from the walking trail. 

An investigation done by the Hazardous Material team and the Fire Marshal’s Office determined the source of the substance originated from a storm drain at the intersection of Crestwood Dr. and Old Dominion Blvd.

After testing the water and storm drain, firefighters determined the substance to be a latex primer paint. 

The area neighborhood was canvassed for witnesses and additional information and investigators say the spill was accidental.

Due to the nature of the substance, natural flushing of the waterway is the remediation approach. The water supply was not impacted.