28 cats, kittens dumped at Greenbelt Animal Shelter's doorstep in the rain

More than two dozen cats and kittens were abandoned outside an animal shelter over the weekend in Prince George's County.

Someone left 19 cats in crates outside the Greenbelt Animal Shelter in the rain Friday evening, according to Animal Control Officer Howard Stanback. Nine more cats were found in boxes in the heat Saturday, Greenbelt Animal Shelter believe they came from the same person who left the cats on Friday.

The cats were reported to be in fair condition, although they did have fleas, according to animal control officials. One of the cats was nursing several kittens believed to be only a few days old.

After the cats are checked out by the veterinarian and get their shots, they will be put up for adoption next week. The shelter is a no-kill shelter.

Greenbelt police and Greenbelt animal control are investigating the situation and asking for assistance from the public on anyone who may have any information on who may have abandon all 28 of these animals.