Biden wins Maryland Democratic presidential primary; Trump wins GOP

As expected, Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential primary in Maryland and President Joe Biden won the Democratic primary in the state. 

Trump won overwhelmingly with Nikki Haley being the only other name left on the ballot for the GOP. And although she bowed out of the race in early March, she still received tens of thousands of votes. 

Haley won the Republican primary in D.C. — her first victory of the 2024 campaign — but lost in Virginia, showing that Republican voters in the DMV are still stumping for the former president. Haley's only other victory before she dropped out was in Vermont.

Live Election Results: Maryland Primary Election 2024

Trump has been the presumptive nominee for the Republican party since the week after Super Tuesday when he surpassed the 1,215 delegate votes needed. His win in Washington state put him over the edge and made him the GOP nominee for the third consecutive election. 

Former President Joe Biden also secured his presumptive nomination for the Democratic party on March 12, surpassing the 1,968 delegates he needed with a big win in Georgia. 

The Maryland Democratic primary was called for Biden at the same time as the Republican race. AP polls showed thousands of Democratic voters chose to vote "uncommitted," with even less for candidates Marianne Williamson and Dean Phillips. 

Both Trump and Biden will remain presumptive nominees until this summer’s national party conventions, where their nominations will become official.

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