More possible snow next week? Here's what we know...

We are looking forward to a quiet end of this shortened work week and getting ready to enjoy a bonus for getting through the weather mess on President's Day - a Spring-like weekend with temperatures running well above normal!

Perhaps you have heard though that there is another storm in the pipeline beyond our weekend warm-up?!? Buzzkill! But there is no reason at all to despair at this point as there are more questions than answers, especially nearly a week out.

Here is what we do know:

TIME FRAME: There is model agreement on a storm in the Tuesday through Thursday timeframe next week. There is no model agreement on a scenario or placement of that storm (which is not unexpected six days away - still too far out!).

This could be rain, snow or a combination of both. The big question is: will enough cold air be available to produce any accumulation? Keep in mind we will be coming off a warm weekend, and we are not seeing the kind of atmospheric "block" that would keep any storm supplied with cold air to support all snow.

BOTTOM LINE: The unknowns outweigh the knowns at this point. I'm sure over the next few days you will see various sources posting what one model says vs. another, but unless you really enjoy "model-watching," please be aware that they will flip and flop until we are much closer. We are going to watch it closely and keep you updated as we get closer. I say, let's focus on the present and enjoy the weekend!