Intel: Putin may cite Ukraine war to meddle in US politics

Given Vladimir Putin’s antipathy toward the West and his repeated denunciations of Ukraine, officials believe he may see the U.S. backing of Ukraine’s resistance as a direct affront to him, giving him further incentive to target another U.S. election.

Maryland judge orders state to redraw Congressional district map

A Maryland judge ruled Friday that the state’s new congressional map is unconstitutional, the first Democratic-drawn map to be struck down by a court this redistricting cycle in what the judge called a “product of extreme partisan gerrymandering.”

Biden wins White House, vows new direction for divided US

Democrat Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States on Saturday, positioning himself to lead a nation gripped by historic pandemic and a confluence of economic and social turmoil.

Final presidental debate recap

Fox 5 DC was joined by Virginia Republican Party Chair Rich Anderson and Maryland Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis to recap the final debate.