Quarterback poll ranks Robert Griffin III near bottom of the pack

Where does Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III rank out of all the starting quarterbacks in the NFL?

According to a poll by ESPN, near the bottom.

ESPN polled 35 anonymous league coaches and front office staff.

RG3 ranked 28th out of 32 projected starters this year. His number is down from last year - in the same poll - where he tied for 19th.

The way the poll is structured, is that quarterbacks are placed into one of five tiers.

According to the article, tier 1 quarterbacks can carry their teams, tier 2 quarterbacks are less consistent, tier 3 quarterbacks are good enough to start but need support, and tier 4 quarterbacks are reserved for unproven starters or those who might not last. Tier 5 quarterbacks are the lowest on the list.

Griffin was ranked in tier 4. No players were ranked in tier 5.

Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers was ranked as the top quarterback.

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