More fallout for Redskins as more allegations come from cheerleader ambassadors

There is more fallout with the Washington Redskins after cheerleaders reported feeling exploited and sexually harassed during a photoshoot trip to Costa Rica.

Now, more women in the organization are coming forward to report similar claims, according to a New York Times article published Thursday. In the article, women known as "ambassadors" (those who didn't make the cheerleading squad), say they were hired on with the Redskins as promotional models of sorts, meant to charm fans and executive suite holders. During their interactions, they say they are routinely harassed and groped by the men.

The article led 106.7 The Fan to review its own executive suiteholder contract. Their former parent company, CBS, held a contract with the Redskins from 2010 to 2012. Reporter Craig Hoffman found that "cheerleader visits" were written into the contract.

"Those types of things - the cheerleader experience, whether it's the regular cheerleaders or the ambassador cheerleaders - was something that was available for suiteholders to purchase or something that was an added value that came with your suite so that you could get visits by these girls or these women," Hoffman explained.

Hoffman and 106.7 The Fan also broke the news that Dennis Greene, the former president of business operations and hospitality, resigned Thursday. Greene was with the Redskins for 17 years and was in charge of multi-million dollar deals involving suites and sponsorships. He has been linked to both New York Times articles.

However, Hoffman tells FOX 5 that Brian Lafemina, who is absorbing Green's duties, had been courted for nearly a year prior to him joining the Redskins as chief operating officer two weeks ago. The shakeup within the organization was likely due to a number of factors, which in part include the latest Redskins scandals, according to Hoffman.

The Redskins confirmed the news of Greene's departure Thursday, but declined to speak further saying the organization does not comment on personnel matters. A representative would only add they are excited for Lafemina's new vision for the company.