Gun games: New shootout sport combines real guns and MMA fighting

Imagine targeting a target that shoots back at you. Think it is virtual reality? Think again, it is ultra-reality. It's part of a new sport where gun fighting slams into mixed martial arts (MMA), mixing shootouts with guns. And when all the ammo is gone, the opponents can get down to some real fighting.

We're not talking compressed air paintball guns. Everything operates the same way as a real gun, because it is a real gun. The ammo operates in the same way as real ammo with blue and red tip bullets to indicate the team colors. When the bullets hit their target, they leave a mark all over their opponent's protective gear, and when it hits the skin, it stings. The mark can sometimes leave behind big red welts - all from non-lethal training ammunition.

This type of firing range game takes place near The Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. Crowds can root on their shooters during the game behind Plexiglas.

The game lasts about 3 minutes, and the one who takes the most hits loses the game.

You can learn more about this game at the Las Vegas Gunfights Facebook page or at

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