On The Hill podcast preview

Welcome! On The Hill is a new podcast coming to you from the FOX 5 Podcast Studio in Washington D.C. Our host Tom Fitzgerald was sprung from cages on Highway 9 somewhere in the swamps of New Jersey. Fitz has hosted a weekly On The Hill talk show on FOX 5 since the 2016 campaign and it's quickly grown into a local staple of Sunday morning political talk in the nation's capital.

Now, the On The Hill podcast is branching out and expanding those discussions every week. Fitz kicks things off with a brief chat about what the TV show and the podcast are based on, what we've already done and what's ahead. He also tells a story about an early lesson he learned growing up in New Jersey and about how the public, politicians and the press once came together in a memorable fashion to affect change for the better, despite their differences. Join us!

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On The Hill is a weekly politics podcast featuring FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald in which he expands on the conversations that are the staple of Sunday morning political talk in Washington, D.C.

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