Youngkin announces $1.7m investment in Arlington from Technomics, Inc

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced Technomics, a major data analytics company, is expanding in Arlington. 

Technomics, Inc., is investing $1.7 million along with 150 new jobs, according to Youngkin and county officials on Tuesday. 

"We’re committed to making sure that Virginia is the best place to live and work and raise a family, and today’s announcement is just another step forward as we strengthen the spirit of Virginia together to provide opportunity for Virginians," said Youngkin. 

Youngkin also tells FOX 5 that he will push for tax cuts in his budget proposal for next year. He acknowledges a possible recession could weaken the state’s finances, but the governor says he believes the commonwealth can afford it because the state’s reserves will top$4 billion as of this year. 

"We do believe there is going to be a recession next year and we are going to make sure that we’re going to be prudent and make sure that we can handle it and I think we can invest a little more in some very important things and cut taxes," said Youngkin. 

Arlington County has increasingly been landing big corporations: Amazon’s HQ2, Boeing's new global headquarters, and Virginia Tech’s new STEM innovation campus. Technomics may not be as well known as companies like Amazon or Boeing, but data analytics firms are the kinds of companies flocking to Arlington as part of the high-tech boom going on across Northern Virginia right now. 

"In addition to a financial investment, Technomics is adding another 10,000 square feet of space for its high-tech workforce.