Woodbridge man charged with killing roommate's cat

A Prince William County man is accused of abusing and killing his roommate's cat in Woodbridge.

The cat was found dead by its owner on Saturday, according to police.

Police said they were first contacted by the pet owner's landlord, who reported that her tenant was concerned that their cat was being abused by another tenant living in a separate room inside the basement of their home.

The concern came after the cat was reportedly taken to a veterinarian earlier this month where head trauma and liver damage from potential poisoning was discovered.

Prince William County police said video surveillance that was recently set up by the landlord captured the other tenant, 59-year-old Jean Claude Verboom, grabbing and repeatedly punching the cat. He also hit the cat with a blunt object.

Verboom has been charged with felony animal cruelty.

"We take it very seriously," said Prince William County Police Officer Brian McCleese. "That is why the police department as well as the animal control bureau investigated this thoroughly."

Police said the accused has confessed to killing the cat.

The deceased animal will be examined by animal control and a lab.

Verboom is being held without bond and is scheduled to appear in court on July 25.