Woman's body found in trunk after road rage incident

A North Texas mother is still stunned after police found her 19-year-old daughter's body in the trunk of a road rage suspect's car.

The mother says last she heard was that her daughter, JacQuisha Isaac, was staying with friends. But on Sunday, police found the teen's body in the trunk of a car after the driver led police on a high-speed chase.

JacQuisha's body was discovered in the trunk of the car involved in a Sunday morning pursuit that started in Forney. Deputies say the driver they arrested, 33-year-old Freddy Gilbert of New Orleans, told them about the body but did not explain how it got there.

"When they found him, was he going somewhere to try and dump her body?" asked Lolita Isaac, the victim's mother. "How long had she been in the car? I mean, I don't know nothing. This is all the questions that I need to know so that I can get closure. I need closure!"

The pursuit started after another driver reported that Gilbert fired a gun during a road rage fight on Highway 80. It ended in eastern Kaufman County when Gilbert went off I-20. Investigators describe Gilbert's unusual behavior when he was arrested.

"It was a very casual statement that he made to our deputies," said Jolie Stewart, spokesperson for the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office. "We would have inventoried the vehicle once it was towed, so I believe we would have located the body whether he told us or not."

A phone number found with the deceased 19-year-old's belongings eventually led investigators to Lolita. She says even when her positive identification was pending, she knew the victim was her daughter.

"I started describing her tattoos," Lolita recalled. "He said, 'The one I'm looking at on her right arm says Lolita.' And I just dropped the phone. I was like, 'That's my baby.'"

As far as answers as to why, Lolita is still searching for those.

No injuries were reported in the road rage incident.

In addition to charges for evading arrest, Gilbert is also facing drug charges because bags of marijuana and crack cocaine were allegedly found in his anal cavity as he was being booked into jail.