Woman surprises her father by clearing his child support balance

A woman put her father in tears after giving him a surprise he would never forget.

Tyanah Morris recorded her father's reaction after she gave him a notice indicating that he would no longer have to pay backdated child support. The video has since been viewed 3 million times on Twitter and retweeted 22,000 times. 

"My mom put him on it when I was really young," Morris told FOX 26. "The courts also assigned him $30,000 in retroactive support dating from the day I was born, when he had already been taking care of me."

Morris says her father paid the existing order.

"And he thought when I turned 18 he didn't have to pay the retroactive, backdated child support," she says. "But he did and wasn’t able to keep up with $600 monthly.

Morris, who says she is really close with her father, cleared her father's balance, and he no longer owes anything. She says her mother was also on board with the idea.

"For y'all that don't understand, when you can't keep up with child support, they garnish your pay, your tax refund, your driver's license, your passport," she explained.

Morris feels good knowing this is something her father no longer has to worry about.

"My daddy's been on child support since he was 23. He's 40 now. He deserved this," she told FOX 26.