Woman arrested after dog poop confrontation in Fairfax County

Often times when people are out walking their dogs, they'll head to a park or around the block, but one Alexandria woman ended up somewhere very different Wednesday -- in jail.

When one woman's dog was doing its business, another woman who was driving by took issue.

According to Fairfax County Police, Misty Freeman was out walking her dog Wednesday when another woman stopped her and asked if she planned to clean up after her dog.

The situation escalated, police say, and before long the women started recording each other.

Police say Freeman ended up taking the other woman's phone and driving away with it, and as a result, she was eventually charged with robbery.

You can imagine the reaction from fellow dog walkers, who in some cases, weren't actually all that surprised.

Megan Brock told FOX 5 Wednesday pet cleanliness has come up in her Alexandria neighborhood more than once.

"It's an ongoing issue in our community," said Brock.

Others, like Richard Westmark, said on the rare occasion they forget a bag, they get creative.

"One time, I forgot to bring a bag so I got a bunch of leaves and grabbed it and put it up against a tree and stuff," said Westmark.

Most folks sounded more like Darcalyn Darling, who said she would definitely say something if she spotted somebody not cleaning up after their pet.

"I would say, 'Hey, do you need a bag? Pick up your poop,'" said Darling.

FOX 5 tried to get in touch with Freeman late Wednesday evening. So far, we haven't heard back.