What is your state Googling the most on Valentine's Day?

What is the DMV looking up the most on Google during the day of love? The team at SatelliteInternet.com put in the work to find out.

The company used Google Trends to review top searches on Valentine's Day, analyzing the queries state by state to produce a list of each state's most-googled Valentine's-related terms.

In the DMV, "Poetry" is the top search in both Maryland and Virginia. In fact, it's the top search in 12 states across the U.S.

Photo: Satellite Internet

However, Maryland and Virginia seem to be alone in their romantic tendencies as nearly all the states surrounding them are searching "Break Up" on Valentine's Day. It's the top search term in North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia.

"Break Up" is actually the most-searched term in almost half of the states in the country on Valentine's Day.

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The District is also in the romantic spirit along with Maryland and Virginia as D.C.'s top search is "Bumble." It joins a few other states looking up dating apps on Valentine's Day including South Dakota and Alaska who are googling "Tinder" and Idaho is simply searching "free dating apps."

Colorado, Utah, Maine, Arkansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin can’t seem to get enough of "The Bachelor." And in Nevada, home to the Marriage Capital of the World, residents are searching for "romantic movies."