West Virginia suspect dead after shooting State Trooper, sparking standoff

A West Virginia man is dead after he shot a State Trooper, igniting an hours-long standoff in Martinsburg.

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According to State Police, along with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office, they were trying to locate a murder suspect when the incident erupted.

While they were inside a home investigating, a suspect opened fire on a Trooper, who was wearing a ballistic vest.

The Trooper was transported from the scene for medical evaluation, and the suspect reportedly barricaded himself within the home.

Troopers later located him in the attic of the home.

Cellphone video from the scene shows officers crouching down for cover. In another video, rapid gunfire can be heard off camera.

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After exchanging gunfire with the suspect, Troopers entered the home, and found the suspect dead.

They have not confirmed whether the suspect died as a result of police gunfire, or if he took his own life.

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None of the parties involved have been identified. State Police have not indicated what murder case they were working on when the incident unfolded.