Watch: Suspects rob store while clerk suffers heart attack

Police officers in Auburn, Washington say they have identified three males who allegedly robbed a gas station while the clerk suffered a medical emergency.

The Auburn, Washington Police Department said one adult and two teenage males went into a Shell gas station just before 6 p.m. Saturday.

Surveillance video shows one of the teenagers grab and begin to eat what appears to be a pepperoni stick. He grabs a second one and gives it to the other teenager. The adult male walks up to the counter to buy something.

Investigators believe the clerk tried to charge the adult for the two pepperoni sticks. That's when the clerk and the man begin to argue.

A teen tries to give the clerk a dollar. The clerk walks around the counter to talk to the teens. As the clerk walks back, he appears to have a medical issue and collapses on the floor, with the dollar bill still in his hand.

The video appears to show one of the teenagers take the dollar back before all three leave the store, leaving the clerk on the ground.

Police say the two teens enter and exit the store a couple of times, stealing merchandise and taking all of the money from the cash register.

About three minutes later, someone else comes into the store, sees the clerk on the ground, and calls 911.

As of Monday, police said the clerk was in critical condition.

Thanks to tips from the community, police were able to identify the man and two teens.