WATCH: Officer calmly snares 5-foot rattlesnake

When police in Lakeland got a call about a "female suspect nestled under a stairway" Sunday evening, they knew just the specialist for the job. Officer Scott Wisneski responded to Lakeland Electric's McIntosh Power Plant -- with tongs in hand.

The suspect in this case was a 5-foot-long rattlesnake - definitely considered dangerous. But "with one calm and steady move of the tongs," Officer Wisneski was able to lift the snake and lock her in a container so she could be moved from the power plant site, police said.

Police say Wisneski has extensive experience with snakes and other exotic animals, and has been happy to assist with reptile removal from inside homes and businesses through the years.

"It's not something you typically associate with the police department, but if we can assist we do," Wisneski said in a LPD Facebook post.

According to police, a local handler was called to take custody of the snake in hopes that she can be sent to a venomous snake farm where she can be used for creating antivenin.

"She might be able to help save someone else's life one day," added Wisneski.