WATCH: Donald Trump speaks in Birch Run

Donald Trump isn't technically a politician but he wants your vote. Next year, when America elects its next President, will Trump be on the ballot? Maybe. He's got a hefty lead as it is.

Controversial. Billionaire. Politician? Donald Trump is not your typical politician. Actually, he's technically not a politician but he's making the moves to get the support from Republican voters.

On Tuesday, Trump was scheduled to take the stage at Birch Run Expo Center. He was set to arrive at 6:00 but did not start his media availability until 7:30 p.m. He took the stage afterwards.

During his Q & A, Trump talked about the possibility of running as a third-party candidate.

"I want to run as a Republican." he said. "As long as I am treated fairly. That's happening."

Trump also talked about a recent microphone incident with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders where members of the crowd overtook a public appearance with chants of "Black lives matter."

"That showed he's weak," Trump said, before adding that he and Sanders both seem to be getting the biggest crowds.

Later when he took the stage in Birch Run, Trump addressed the United States losing jobs to Mexico with the building of a new plant by Ford he used as an example.

Watch FOX 2 tonight at 10 for more details from Trump's speech and Q & A.