Watch: 3-year-old learns about notable women during Women’s History Month

It’s time for the ladies to shine. 

A 3-year-old in Louisville, Kentucky, could not contain her excitement while sorting through flashcards of notable figures in history – particularly, notable women. 

Meredith Carter posted video to her TikTok account on March 1 showing her daughter, Ellie, bounding around some cards that were laid out on the floor showing notable male public figures. 

In the video, Meredith asks Ellie, "Why are we putting the boys away?" to which Ellie replies with a slight smirk, "Because the girls are next. Sorry boys." 


FILE - Ellie, 3-year-old Kentucky girl learning about Women's History Month.  (Meredith Carter via Storyful)

As Ellie gathered her flashcards of male figures, she is heard saying, "Go to sleep boys. Goodnight." 

Ellie still2

FILE - Ellie, 3-year-old Kentucky girl learns about notable women during Women's History Month. (Meredith Carter via Storyful)

She begins to lay out flashcards of notable female figures and instantly recognizes one of the United States’ first ladies. 

"Oh, I know you know who that is," Meredith said, to which Ellie replied quickly, "Michelle Obama." 

The next woman Ellie recognized and identified from her flashcards was Harriet Tubman. 

"What did Harriet Tubman do?" Meredith asked Ellie, to which she replied, "Help people be free." 

After laying out all of her flashcards, Ellie had a little dance party to celebrate.  

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Meredith and Ellie have used flashcards to learn about historical or notable figures in the recent past. In a video posted on Feb.1, Ellie sorted through cards that highlighted Black heroes in honor of Black History Month. 

"Ellie loved learning about Black heroes in February and couldn’t wait to sort her flashcards for Women’s History Month in March," Carter said. 

Storyful contributed to this report.