Washington Commanders rally in second half to defeat Broncos 35-33

The Washington Commanders flew home from Denver with a win Sunday night. 

They beat the Broncos in a thrilling 35-33 in a game that saw the Commanders with an 18-point deficit in the first half and the Broncos converting a Hail Mary at the end of the game. But alas, their two-point conversion failed and Washington kept the lead.

It was quite a roller coaster for fans but to love the Commanders is to know that ups and downs have been part of life. But with new owners, a new offensive coordinator in Eric Bienemy and wins under the belt, fans are excited for this ride.

"Incredible. Very incredible. It’s like, they came back, after they [were] down. I just feel like the coaching is very different this year," fan Tevin Hinton said.

"I was a little bit sad, but we never lose hope because we love our team," Bella Wallace told FOX 5. 

 The last time they scored 35 points was Thanksgiving Day 2020, when they dropped 41 on the Cowboys. The last time Denver allowed this many points at home was in September: 2008.

"Resilience. That’s all that matters, they have resilience, you know, to come back and take the W like that, all that matters," said Jimmy Moreira.