Virginia Tech restroom recording suspect from Falls Church

A Northern Virginia college student who attends Virginia Tech reportedly set up hidden cameras in at least two bathrooms on campus. Earlier this week, the student was taken into custody and now faces a misdemeanor charge.

The cameras look more like a USB charger and a coat hanger and were mounted on bathroom walls in the library and another hall on Virginia Tech's campus.

Andrew Wildman, of Falls Church, is reportedly behind the hidden camera incidents.

He was arrested Wednesday and charged with unlawful creation of an image of another -- a class one misdemeanor.

What's alarming is just how easy and inexpensive it is to purchase the same type of camera Wildman reportedly used. FOX 5 walked through the process in just seconds from an iPhone.

Police say to their knowledge there's no legislation preventing or banning consumers from purchasing the cameras online.

Wildman's arrest comes after an in-depth investigation by Virginia Tech Police surrounding recording devices found in public restrooms on campus.

Police say Wildman is responsible for at least two incidents that happened on February 7 and February 21.

Anyone who sees a suspicious device should not remove it and call police immediately.