Virginia rocket launched satellites from Herndon-based Hawkeye 360

The launch Tuesday night of an Electron rocket from NASA's Wallops Island, Virginia facility was carrying a payload of three satellites from Herndon-based company Hawkeye 360.

"It's a really wonderful success story for the state and the DMV area, really expanding launch opportunities for all the new space companies here in the region," said Hawkeye 360's Adam Bennett. 

Bennett said the launch was pivotal for Hawkeye 360's ability to expand its constellation of satellites.

"We're covering now more critical regions of the globe with our satellites. In fact, this is number 16, 17 and 18 that were just put in orbit so we can better serve our customers globally," said Bennett. 

Hawkeye 360's satellites help governments around the world by providing "critical security-related data sets." 

"As our satellites orbit the earth, they look down at the RF energy radio waves that radiate all through the surface, and we can use that to find objects like vessels, ships that may be trying to evade detection or be able to have some additional visibility especially when it comes to perhaps illegal mining sites, or other patterns of life that cause concern," said Bennett. "We can provide that information to our customers so they can plan better and maybe take corrective action."