"Do your homework:" Early voters in Virginia face confusion following redistricting

Early voting is well underway in Virginia, but election offices in Northern Virginia tell FOX 5 some voters are confused why their old representative isn’t on their ballot.

Due to redistricting, each of Virginia’s one-hundred delegates and forty senators are up for election.

Elections offices in Northern Virginia tell FOX 5 they’ve heard from some voters confused as to why their old representative isn’t on their ballot.

"Not everybody votes for every election. So even though redistricting happened a while ago, there may still be some people who are new to this. If you’re older or have been very participatory in the voting process, you may have gotten used to your numbers and your district, and that’s different," said Thalia Simpson with the Prince William County Elections Office.

Eileen Sloyan is a Fairfax County voter.

She recently went to a meet-and-greet with her long-time legislator, but they weren’t there.

"The redistricting changed, and the legislator that we had for many years is no longer our legislator," Sloyan said.

Sloyan obtained a copy of her sample ballot and learned of her new choices.  She said she’d be communicating what elections officials are too: Prepare before you vote.

"And say do your homework, because there’s just no way you can walk in and know the choices—so you’re going to have to do a little research," Sloyan said.

Some municipalities are sending sample ballots to all registered voters.

Voters are encouraged to visit their local election's office website to obtain a copy of your sample ballot.  Generally, if voters know their precinct location and/or number, that’s the best way to acquire a sample ballot.

Click HERE to enter your address and find polling place, which you can run through your local county elections website to find a sample ballot.


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