Viral photo shows child cling to Marietta officer

A mother was charged with DUI in Marietta after crashing her car with her toddler strapped in the back. What's getting people's attention is a picture of a Marietta police officer holding the clinging child while police find the young boy place to stay.

The crash happened 7:30 Saturday morning. Police said Daniella Beausoleil was under the influence when she crashed into a small retaining wall in front of an apartment complex at 1295 Franklin Dr. in Marietta. She failed a field sobriety test and is charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane.

"It's important to make sure the child is safe and we still have to uphold the law and unfortunately in this instance that mother was under the influence and had to face those charges," said Marietta Police Officer Chuck McPhilamy.

Beausoleil was booked into the Cobb County Jail, her 2-year-old son was placed in protective custody. McPhilamy said the officer holding the child is actually part of her training to serve and protect.

"The reality is the job is much more complex. Sometimes it's comforting someone who is in a time of loss. In this case, it was an officer comforting a child who latched on to that officer and would not let go," said McPhilamy.

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