Viral 'jumbo-sized' cat breaks animal shelter's website due to popularity

BeeJay, the 26-pound cat, has had such amazing popularity in the few hours since he was discovered by the internet that his popularity has now broken the website of the Morris Animal Refuge. 

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The Philadelphia-based animal shelter posted the news shortly before 6 p.m. 


Photo: Morris Animal Refuge

The shelter is now recommending fans of BeeJay, or those interested in adopting other animals, to visit the PetFinder website

Morris Animal Refuge's earlier tweet to raise awareness about the "chonk" of a cat has more than succeeded.

Within eight hours, the original tweet has gained nearly 20,000 likes and has been shared thousands of times all over the internet.

On Friday morning, the viral feline visited "Good Day Philadelphia" and tried to make our set his new forever home. You can watch the video by clicking here.