Violent Metro stabbing prompts manhunt for suspect near Navy Yard

Investigators are at the scene after a savage stabbing attack on a Metro train near the Navy Yard.

According to Metro Transit Police, the suspect - who was caught on surveillance cameras - exited the the Navy Yard Metro station at New Jersey Avenue in the direction of a CVS location.

The Green Line train was halted after the incident, but has resumed normal service.

Police said the suspect had red hair and red pants, and that he may have cut himself during the incident.

Police are asking people to call 911 if they see the suspect.

The victim was rushed to a hospital in critical condition, and D.C. police homicide detectives have joined Metro Transit Police at the scene.

Several witnesses were on the train during the attack, including a group of students from John Hayden Johnson Middle School. A school employee who had blood spatter on the back of her pants spoke with homicide detective. At least two female students were treated by D.C. Fire and EMS personnel and may have been hurt in a frantic attempt to leave the train during the stabbing, according to a teacher.