Violent attack on Fairfax County student caught on camera

An investigation has been launched by authorities after shocking video captured a vicious attack on a Fairfax County teen.

The mother of the 13-year-old victim said she wants charges filed after the video posted to Snapchat showed her daughter being bullied and beaten. The video shows the 7th grader being struck in the head, knocked off her bike, dragged to the ground and repeatedly punched in the head.

"It's terrible watching her get punched off of a bike and to curl up in a ball. No mom should ever have to watch that," the victim's mother told FOX 5 as she held back tears.

The victim's glasses were broken and she was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after the attack. She has since been released and is recovering.

Officials said the victim and suspects attend Ormond Stone Middle School in Chantilly, but the attack happened off school grounds. Even though the assault took place off campus, investigators said the school resource officer was conducting interviews to determine who else was involved.

Fairfax County Public Schools told FOX 5 in a statement, "The school is committed to taking serious, proactive steps to raise awareness about bullying and cyberbullying with students and parents."

While steps are being taken, the victim's mother said her daughter has been bullied for years and more needs to be done.

"I know that they have one week a year where they do this whole no tolerance of bullying where they wear pink shirts and they discuss it, but I think it should be presented more because obviously one week is not enough," she said.

Detectives said there was probable cause against at least one student and others could be included. The victim's mother said she would press charges in hopes of sending a message to other bullies.

"It needs to be known that this cannot happen and should not happen to any child," she said. "Somewhere along the lines they need to be held responsible for their actions and they have to have consequences."

The victim's mother told FOX 5 she had to call the police Halloween night because the same group of teens were near her home harassing her daughter again. Police confirmed the two incidents were being investigated together.