Video of officer falling off bike during illegal ATV chase raises questions

A video is raising new questions on the "no chase" policy for DC police when it comes to illegal ATV and dirt bike riders.

The video shows police following a group of ATV riders on patrol cars, as one rider is heard taunting officers, with one officer on a bicycle falling in an attempt to jump off his bike toward a rider.

Authorities have dealt with illegal ATV and dirt bike riders for some time, but both the activity and the policing have been a topic of debate for authorities.

FOX 5 spoke to Mayor Muriel Bowser about the video, but she said she had not seen the video and would not comment.

"I think our policies are clear around illegal ATV use," said Bowser.

DC police say the "no chase" policy was not violated in this case and stand by the officer's actions.

"The illegal activity of the ATV riders consistently places the public in danger and exhibits immature behavior. The Metropolitan Police Department appreciates the media assistance to help us identify and locate these subjects as we have received countless tips to bring these individuals to justice," DC police said in a statement.

"We have reviewed the video and will use the footage for investigative purposes surrounding the ATV riders. The bike patrol officer sustained very minor injuries," they said.

No arrests have been made for this incident, according to officials.