Video: Metro bus driver tearfully recalls moment he saved taxi driver’s life

A Metro Bus driver is being called a hero after jumping into action to help save a taxi driver in D.C.

Tim Hudson told FOX 5 he was on his last route of the day when a taxi driver crashed into a parked car near Union Station.

Hudson noticed the driver slumped over the wheel with saliva coming from his mouth.

The bus driver and another witness pulled the man from the car.

Hudson says a 911 operator helped him start CPR on the taxi driver before paramedics arrived.

"I serve a God that’s intentional. And it wasn’t by chance that I was there. It hurts my heart that the accident must have happened a minute or two prior to that and no one assisted this man. The society we live in now, people don’t care about people anymore. So for me it was just being in the right place at the right time. And I knew God had me there for a reason," Hudson said.

There’s no word on the taxi driver’s condition on Thursday night.

Hudson says the experience has inspired him to take CPR classes.