Video: Man pulls in front of moving firetruck, stops dead during road rage incident

Maryland State Police are investigating a road-rage incident in St. Mary's County involving a fire truck, and a driver with a suspended license.

Firefighters say the man was driving with a toddler in the back seat when he cut off one of their firetrucks on a busy roadway and slammed on his brakes.

The incident unfolded when four Bay District Volunteer firefighters were returning from a kitchen fire and the driver suddenly pulled up alongside them and began shouting.

Department President Wayne Johnson says the driver in the Hyundai Sonata then swerved into the left lane and slammed on his brakes.

Johnson says one of the firefighters got out to check on the driver, and that's when he noticed the toddler in the back seat, prompting the crew to call the police and follow the man to a nearby parking lot where they continued to record him on their dashcam.

Meanwhile, it's unclear why the driver behaved in that way.

Firefighters say that when police showed up, they discovered the man did not own the car, and was driving on a suspended license.

Police have not released the driver's identity.