VIDEO: FOX 5 viewer rides out Hurricane Maria as it slams into Puerto Rico

We could hear Hurricane Maria's intense winds bearing down on David Salceti as he spoke with us on the phone just as the Category 4 storm made landfall in Puerto Rico Wednesday morning,

Salceti, a FOX 5 viewer, has a home just outside of San Juan. He and his family stayed on the island to ride out the storm.

He told us he and his family are safe inside but have already seen destruction as the storm moves through. He calls Maria the worst storm he's seen since he has been on the island.

Salceti said his home is near the Fort Buchanan Army Base and that was originally planning on flying back to the D.C. area ahead of the storm but ultimately decided to stay.

He said the conditions worsened as the storm made landfall. "This is the worst storm I've seen," he told us. He doesn't regret not evacuating and says there would have been no way everyone on the island could have left even if they wanted to. "We'll make it through," he said optimistically.