Trump victory sparks students across America to unite in peaceful protests

Students across America have united to protest against Donald Trump's presidential win.

In light of the presidential election, many people are at a complete loss for words. Whether happy or disheartened, people have turned to social media to express their emotions.

Taking it even further, scores of students across the country have collectively gathered at their schools to speak against Donald Trump.

With heavy hearts, many students can be seen carrying signs and chanting on campus grounds. Others have chosen a more perplexing route.

Just take at look at what some schools in America have to say in their protests against Donald Trump:

American University

In disbelief of the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, students gathered on school grounds to protest with signs that read "Stand With Immigrant Workers."

In addition, the burning of the American Flag. Which upset other students. Click here to read more.

New York University

"Love trumps hate," is what students from NYU wrote on signs as they gathered in Washington Square Park to heal together.

University of North Texas

In Denton Texas, a peaceful demonstration occurred at the University of North Texas. Students gathered outside for prayer and spread love by offering "free hugs" to those in need.

University of Texas

The University of Texas held Anti-Trump protests on campus-- many students claiming to be proud of their school.

High Schools

In Oakland, California, three bay high schools staged walkouts Wednesday morning in opposition of the presidential outcome. Click here for more details on the story.