Trump Indicted: DC law enforcement on alert for any possible fallout

Security measures in the District remain in place after Donald Trump became the first former president to be indicted in a criminal case following a grand jury investigation into hush money payments made on his behalf during the 2016 presidential campaign.

FOX 5's Melanie Alnwick says law enforcement and residents are bracing for any possible fallout.

D.C. police say they are not aware of any planned protests, but law enforcement is on alert for any unplanned activity

U.S. Capitol Police are on what they call an "enhanced security posture."

Last week, the D.C. Homeland Security Agency's Fusion Center issued a bulletin alerting law enforcement agencies in and around the District that extremists may consider the indictment of Donald Trump a call to action.

In New York, all NYPD officers have been ordered to be on duty in full uniform and extra security measures have gone into place around the Manhattan Courthouse and Trump Tower.

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