Tractor trailer crashes into Maryland home, 5 people taken to hospital

Five people were taken to the hospital after a tractor-trailer crashed into a Maryland home on Saturday morning.

St. Mary's County officials say around 6 a.m., a tractor-trailer drove into a home on Budds Creeks Road near the Roundabout in Clements.

Two people were removed from the home, but two others, as well as the truck driver, were trapped inside.

St. Mary's County fire and rescue officials say there were live power lines on top of the truck, which required Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) crews on the scene. Crews also had to stabilize the building, which had become unstable from the collision. The home was later deemed unsafe by officials.

Crews were able to remove the truck driver, who was trapped inside the home. One person was trapped between two load-bearing walls of the home, the truck and a furnace.

In all, five total patients -- four home occupants and the driver, were transported to area hospitals.

Investigators say the Maryland Department of Environment was requested to secure the home heating fuel tank and the fuel tanks on the truck after it was removed.

Crews remained on the scene while the truck was removed from the house by the tow company.

The cause of the crash is to be determined by investigators.