Thieves utilize garage door openers from unlocked cars to burglarize homes in DC neighborhood

Burglars are using garage door openers as their key to break into homes in Northwest D.C.

D.C. police say someone entered unlocked vehicles in one neighborhood and used the garage opening device to get into homes to steal valuables inside.

Two thefts happened in homes located in the 2700 block of Unicorn Lane, according to police.

"We've had a couple of warnings from the HOA, specifically on cars for a couple of months now," said Steve Morrison. "Our car was broken into. Nothing was taken. Somebody ransacked through the car to see if there was anything available in the car to take. But they didn't find anything they wanted and just left everything in the car. That seems to be the m.o. that has happened several times."

Police are reminding residents that if they keep their vehicle parked outside of the garage, make sure to remove their garage door opener from the vehicle and be sure to lock the doors.